Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Duchess and Me

Que up those Netflix's ladies!! This one's a winner. It's slightly predictable, a little slow, but MY GOODNESS! The costumes are FABULOUS!! Every scene seems to be centered around them.

Also, there's a fairly good love story, and some top actors ... A worthwhile flick :)

The lead character, Georgiana (called "Gee") is the newly married Duchess of Devonshire. The guy turns out to be a total cold fish/controlling/jerk. And chaos insues!! There is meant to be a comparison between the Duchess and Princess Diana (of whom she is supposed to be distantly related.)

Whatever, I don't think Prince Charles looks like that bad of a character.

On a related note: Rich and I are starting to seriously plan out a trip to England this summer. GASP.

I am SOO nervous, but I excited, and I know I have to do it now, because who knows if I'll ever have the opportunity again?

We are thinking we will be centered in London, and just take a few day trips to some cool cities/ castles/ etc....plus spend a lot of time doing all the touristy stuff in London.

Any suggestions are welcome :)


Basht said...

I loved that movie and yes, the costumes are amazing! I believe it won an oscar for them actually.

Wow England. Lucky girl!

Hanako66 said...

...it is coming up soon on my queue! I have been to England twice and absolutely love it! London is amazing and you will find plenty to do. My dad used to have an office in Manchester, that is a really cool city too.

Amber said...

I agree with you on all points about the movie. The costumes were to die for. It definitely deserved winning the Oscar for costuming. London is wonderful. Look into buying the pass to ride on the London tube and busses. The subway system is phenomenal.

If you're a Harry Potter nerd go to Kings Cross and take pictures at the Platform they have set up. If you can get out to Bath for a day, go! It is gorgeous out there and there are a good deal of historical places to see.

mepay said...

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Ashley said...

Make sure you make a trip to Liverpool! Especially if you are a Beatles lover or into a somewhat less proper and alternative scene. It's a little punky, and be careful whose team you support! (Liverpool here...was born there.) Really though, well worth the trip! You will enjoy. Also try and make it to Wales. The country side is absolutely gorgeous. I think you can even gamble a little, but like slot machine fun. Haha. And of course, the best part is...you can take the train anywhere. Stay in a hostel for a night too, see if you like it. If you don't mind you could save some money. I'm a born Liverpudlian, by the way. It's just been a while since I've visited! : )

Breanne said...

The "Tower of London" is a cool place to visit, and you get to see the crown jewels there, which are pretty amazing. Plus you get to learn a lot of interesting history: http://www.hrp.org.uk/toweroflondon/

Also, one thing I really liked is just walking around the parks in London. Hyde park is my favorite. The original Hard Rock cafe is in London, and they let you handle the memorabilia when you tour the vault. Also, you can take the tube to the "Covent Garden" stop, which is a nice place to walk around in the evenings and there are shops and performers most of the time. I also think that it's the place that the opening scene of "My Fair Lady" is based on (he says that she disgraces the noble architecture of the columns).

Starla said...

If you go at the right time of year there is a gorgeous rose garden in Regents Park. They have every rose variety under the sun I think! The park itself is surrounded by beautiful Regency period buildings too, so it's all good.

If you're into costumes then the Victoria and Albert Museum has an amazing History of Fashion section.

I adore London - I feel so lucky that I get to spend nearly all my weekends there (staying with the boyfriend, who lives in a part of the city you wouldn't really want to go to ;) ). I'll have a think as to what else you may like.

Anonymous said...

The Duchess was based on a true story. How sad is that? The costumes were so gorgeous though!

If you can, visit the Lake District. It is a nice break from the hubub of London. Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, and others lived there and you can see why they were so inspired to write as they did. It is so romantic and natural and old-feeling. You can hike through the fells and over stone fences and past sheep. I loved it. I also recommend Oxford. I studied there for a summer and the architecture is amazing and often several centuries old. It is a one hour train ride from London. Stratford-upon-avon is also really neat -Shakespeare's home city. Sorry this was so long; it is easy to get carried away about England.