Wednesday, May 21, 2008

front page baby!

I made etsy's front page today! WHOOOO HOO!!! check it out---HERE


renee b said...

I saw your crowns on etsy today and was really inspired. I obsessively dry flowers between pages in books and save little rocks and trinkets from my walks in the woods. Looking at your crowns gives me the the bug to want to drag out my craft supplies and make something with them.

P.S. did you sell the antlers? If you don't. Please don't throw them in the garbage. Im Anishinaabeg...what you Americans would refer to as Native American...I would ask that you return it back to the earth if you don't use the antlers. Hoofed animals are gentle. And among my nation those that are of the deer clan are said to be artists. So the fact that antlers came to you is special. You are probably meant to use it or keep it with you so that it can help you. I carry a ceremonial shaker (rattle) of deer horns.

Gchi-Miigwech, thanks. I love your crowns. renee b.

Little Lovables said...

You made the front page today too with your plain jane crown. I have always loved you shop... I may have to do a trade with you sometime!