Friday, October 11, 2013

Advice for Etsy sellers

The Sale.

Photo by Etsy seller SeasAndPeas

When you first open your Etsy shop, it's such a novelty.
Getting a sale is the stuff of magic!
You jump up and down and scream in a really high pitch. 

Before, when maybe it was a fun way to make some extra cash, not getting a sale in a day was no big deal. In fact, it was expected. 

But after a while, that magic wears off, and like an addict, you get to where you depend on that "Etsy Transaction" e-mail.  And you need MORE and MORE sales to make you happy!

And now that your life and your livelihood are both wrapped up in that delicate little spot on the internet, you may start to freak out when you don't get that fix one day, or one week!

I used to be that way.
I was that girl.
In some ways I still am, but I am getting better.

You have to look at the big picture. 
Minor, daily victories are great, but the larger success of your business relies on your ability to see beyond every single sale.

You have to constantly innovate ways to make your product better, your customer service better, your time management better.

Taking some time to step back and improve the overall function of your shop will lead to more sales in the long-run.


Any questions from Etsy sellers about running their shop?


ZanziBach said...

Definitely about me! But I am at my beginning :) It is so much more to go! Today one man purchased 5 pieces from my shop and I can not stop my happy dance :)))
Good luck to You! i love your pieces!

whichgoose said...

Oh yeah! The happy dance!!!! :)

Byron Reese said...

That's true. It's important not to get discouraged and get into a funk when things don't pick up immediately. As you've said, you have to be focused on the long-term. And you need to keep doing things consistently such as keeping ahead on trends in Etsy and in online marketing to keep your store relevant. Your time and effort should be invested in the long-term rewards.

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