Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

(Photo by Girlhula via Flickr).


It's a bit of bad time of year for me, what with taxes and a whole year of being responsible for my income spreading out before me.

BUT, I try to remain positive and concentrate on the whole "fresh start" mentality.

Here is my shortlist of goals for Whichgoose in 2013.

1.) Blog more (obviously!)
2.) Be on top of social networking in general.
3.) Get a real photo studio set up with back drop (no more white sheet on door.)
4.) Set aside at least a few hours per week to DO NOTHING.
5.) Spend less.
6.) Save more.
7.) Be grateful everyday.
8.) Get some awesome photos.
9.) Keep innovating.

I wish I could think of one more for an even "10" but I can't!

xo -Emily 

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