Friday, August 19, 2011

flower girls!

(Kate Moss' bevy of flower girls)

The whole reason I started making crowns was so that women could feel like little girls again. 

I mean, didn't we all make flower crowns out of daisies growing up? I thought I could capture some of that same youthful innocence and fairy-tale ...

BUT ... when you start thinking about crowns for YOUNG girls.

Is it the opposite? 

Don't little girls want to feel grown up?

I've pondered this for a while now ... trying to decide if I should really jump into the whole "flower girl" arena of crown-making.

It seems like a natural progression ... but I don't know.

Kids heads' are generally not much smaller than adult ones ... so most of what I sell would work for the younger folk.  

I need to do a survey with little girls --- see if they would rather wear a flower crown ... or maybe something like a miniature veil (like the bride!) 

It's hard to say what kids want ever I suppose ...

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