Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sale flyer

Just thought I'd make a little post about some GREAT DEALS in my shop right now!

(this is supposed to be a used car salesman) hehe :)


Emily Rosey-Posey said...

Oh goodness I just had a peek at your Etsy shop you're flowery hair pieces are TO DIE FOR!! I have been thinking for so long about making a daisy chain out of fakes, to wear any day, cause daisies always wilt, but for the life of me... good fake flowers are hard to find!!! Your ones are even nicer than the daisy chain idea, just fairy-beautiful! I love the idea of wearing one with a casual sort of jeans and blouse!
As soon as this months phone bill is paid I will be ordering one! xo

Paiva Artisan Crafts said...

Love the flyer! Awesome.