Monday, January 17, 2011

New faces!

There comes a time when you get sick of looking at pictures of yourself!

So --- enter the new faces of Whichgoose :)

First, the lovely Kate!

She's a poet with a true artist's soul ... and such a classic beauty! She reminds me of Pre Raphaelite painting.

We met up last weekend on a VERY chilly day and did some guerilla photography around Frederick. 

And here's a sample from my new collection photographed by Chloe Scheffe! Very long-awaited and anticipated.

I still plan to do a lot of the usual self-portraits, but this is a nice change! I feel like a real designer now instead of a designer/model/photographer.

Too many slashes! :) 



Emily! Beautiful photography and lovely work!!! Each photograph itself could be for sale = They are amazing!!!!

Chloe Scheffe said...

And I thank you for your patience! :-)

silvermoon said...

Hi, I just saw your beautiful etsy shop. I love your creations.
Greetings from a romantic girl in switzerland ;-)