Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great billy balls of fire!!

I consider myself to be a member of "The Wedding Industry" --- mainly because a lot of my customers are brides.

When I first started out making pretty hair things, it never EVER would have occurred to me that someone would want to wear something I made for their big day. But, now I've gotten used to the idea and don't stay up nights wondering if the color ivory is THE color ivory to match their grandmother's vintage dress :)


I like to keep up on the new bridal trends and such. The best place to do this is at Style Me Pretty -- the wedding blog (where you can also find my lookbook).

They have the trendiest weddings with awesome photography. A great place to spend an afternoon browsing.

This new trend I've noticed popping up a lot is "Billy Ball" flowers. They are this bizarre yellow flower that have a long leaf-less stem. 

Pretty fun, eh? It may not be a new trend -- I might just be a bit behind on it. 

I'm hoping to have some featured in my shop in the coming months!! :)

And bridal trends you love or hate?

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Brina said...

I hate strapless dresses. Overdone, and they don't look good on every bride.

I LOVE that lace has made a comeback. So pretty. And I love that a lot of brides are finding an alternative to the traditional veil.