Friday, September 3, 2010

VACATION --- Part 1.

Cost of two tickets for Ferris Wheel: $16

Time spent waiting to board Ferris Wheel: 25 minutes

Number of bad country songs blasted in our ears in waiting line: at least 4

View of Ocean City at night: PRICELESS!!

hahaa --- cynical me.

But really, we had a GREAT time at the beach!

The best part was the food and the long hours just laying in the sand doing nothing. My favorite thing by far.

My parents will be shocked to hear that ate mostly seafood! I have apparently just developed my adult taste buds and love fish now. I ate mahi mahi with a cashew crust ... a broiled flounder ... and some fried clam strips (but I liked those before because they are mostly just fried stuff.)

Anyways ... a good time all around! :)

BUT --- the bad part of vacation (the only bad part) is the coming home and feeling "out of it" part. I'm definitely going through that. It takes me a long time to get back into a rhythm of life .. especially with my business!

We took lots of photos today, and that usually helps get me going.

And GUESS WHAT!!! In two weeks we're going on ANOTHER vacation! This time to New England (Maine/Massachusetts, etc.)

It's a bit hectic for myself, but Rich didn't have much of a choice about when he would have off this year, so we're really making them count!

I can't complain though :)

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Susan said...

Your mother IS amazed at your seafood consumption!