Monday, June 2, 2008

back in the saddle again

Well, today I shipped off a NEW CAR LOAD of etsy orders :) It's a Honda Fit (pic) and it's black--so cute. Had to pay a bit for it, but hey, that's what happens when someone runs a red light and destroys your car :) (i'm not bitter). Oh. And, I got a camera speeding ticket.

Thankyouverymuch world.

Okay, so I figure, once today is over (in about 43 minutes) life will be semi- back to normal for me. Got new wheels, gonna make like 4 new crowns:

A nautical one (special order) with shells and wood

A peacock/Egyptian scarab one

A au-natural acorn pod and stick one

A basic white flower one (the hot seller)

So, check etsy soon--like maybe even tomorrow, if i'm not too busy writing out all my new bills :)

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